3 Reasons To Creep It Real This Halloween

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With Halloween around the corner, fancy dress retailers are busy with trick or treaters buying spooky costumes. Here are our 3 reasons to buy real and avoid poor quality fakes.

1. Buy real – fake goods damage the economy

2. Buy real – fake goods fund crime

3. Buy real – fake goods can be dangerous

Take action to combat counterfeiting

In cases of counterfeiting, taking preventative action is highly recommended. We can help with cost-effective and practical steps to avoid any counterfeiting and infringement problems in the first place by securing legal protection for your business products. We can also take over responsibility for the detection of counterfeit and infringing product to ensuring their swift removal from sale. It is important to avoid ignoring infringements as doing so will only tend to encourage further infringements which could not only damage your business but also your legal rights to take action in the future. However, you also want to avoid making groundless threats. We report to you how our anti-counterfeiting actions can greatly improve your business and brand.

I’m incredibly grateful for Tidman Legal. Oliver is very proactive and tech-savvy. He understands the needs of online retail business, modern trading platforms and their daily challenges. Tidman Legal keeps us protected and pushes infringers off our intellectual property. I highly recommend Tidman Legal for all your legal needs. – Nikita Perezilo, Amberta

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