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We enjoy working with a mix of innovative clients in an interactive industry that is constantly expanding and evolving as a result of the constant developments in new technology and devices.


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Tidman Legal has assisted a number of App developers and designers on a range of issues, including:

  • App development agreements – setting out the development process, acceptance testing and responsibilities for submission to app-stores
  • Terms and conditions of use – setting out the rights and restrictions on use of the App, advice on compatibility with app-store terms and additional advice on gaining valid acceptance of the terms by users
  • OEM partner agreements – involving the integration of technology into apps and restrictions on use
  • Data Protection – handling of personal data and advice on mobile app privacy policy and the use of pop up notifications to obtain consent

Whether you are a start-up, video game maker or established software developer, we can help with all your contractual needs, including:

  • Development agreements – have you been approached about developing a video game on behalf of a publisher or do you have an idea for a video game that you want to pursue? You will need an agreement to manage the relationship, from the quality of the work, payment terms, ownership of IP and termination
  • Sub-contractor agreements – if you’ve taken on additional developers or other contractors, you’ll need contracts setting out timescales for deliverables, payment and most importantly, ownership of intellectual property
  • Confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements – are you pitching your idea to investors or publishers? Having a non-disclosure agreement in place gives some protection
  • Publishing agreements – has a major publisher approached you about distributing your software? Retaining ownership of intellectual property is the key to your business’ survival and growth. Developers being forced to give up IP is no longer the norm, but your contracts need to accurately reflect that 

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