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Prevention is better than cure. Let us keep an eye on your brand, so you can stay focused on your business

We offer various watching services that will notify you of any conflicting trade marks or names before registration takes place by using specialist watching programmes. These proactive services mean that you have total knowledge of marks that are in the process of being registered and early intervention in these cases is likely to prevent commercial damage to your business.

Trade mark owners are responsible for enforcing their own trade mark rights. That means it is up to you to police your trade mark and to take action when someone is infringing on your brand.

Tidman Legal can monitor the trade marks register in the United Kingdom, European Union and national offices of individual countries worldwide. This is particularly important in countries where applications are not examined for conflicts with earlier marks and unknowingly proceed to registration. You will be alerted to any published marks we consider to be in conflict with your trade mark and will be advised of the appropriate course of action to take to protect your trade mark rights.

In addition to our trade mark watching services, we also offer domain name watching and company name watching services, whereby the trade mark owner will be alerted to any applications for the registration of a domain name or company name respectively which conflicts with the watched trade mark(s).  Our domain name watch covers most generic top level and country-code second level domain names, whilst the company name watch monitors new incorporations and changes to company names on the UK Companies House register.  In the event that a watch highlights a conflicting domain name or company name, we are able to advise on the options available to you for taking action against the conflicting name.


How can we help you withBrand Protection?

We can put together a tailor-made watching package to include any combination of trade marks, classes and countries, as well as any domain name or company name watches you may require for your business.

The cost of setting up a trade mark, domain name and company name watches varies depending on the nature of the watch, and the number of marks/names, classes and countries included. We always seek to provide you with the most cost-effective package available and, from time-to-time, are also able to offer a complimentary trial.

Please contact us for further details of our watching services or a cost estimate based on your particular requirements.


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