Database Rights

We understand the value to businesses of their data. High quality datasets are increasingly important in consumer and research applications, and often entail considerable investment.

What rights exist in databases?

The development of a database will generally involve a bundle of intellectual property rights, each of which may have different owners. There may be different legal rights in:

  • The structure of the database
  • The set of records the database contains
  • The software used to make the database accessible
  • The collections of information contained within the records


How can we help you

Like copyright, database rights are often considered to be simple and straightforward. In fact, copyright and database rights can contain some of the most complex intellectual property rights.

Expert advice is essential to ensure appropriate contractual arrangements are put in place to safeguard your database rights. Given their importance to fast developing industries such as technology, the internet and digital media, databases can be extremely valuable assets and there are a different ways to exploit your database commercially to make a return on your investment. For example:

  • Licensing or selling the entire database to another business
  • Selling ad-hoc access to individual records to cater for needs as they arise

Before licensing or selling your database, you will need to check:

  • intellectual property rights with a view to rectifying any defects or omissions
  • if your database contains personal information and that appropriate consents have been obtained from any individuals regarding use of their data

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