Dispute Resolution

Sometimes disputes are unavoidable. Disputes can arise in relation to all sorts of business issues but it is essential for you to stop competitors and counterfeiters taking advantage of your business’ key brands, products and designs. Otherwise you risk only diverting trade from your business, or causing serious reputational harm. We have particular expertise in intellectual property disputes.

Intellectual property disputes

We find brand name disputes to be the most common amongst start-ups and SMEs. They arise if you are using a name that someone else claims to have a better title to, or if you find someone using confusingly similar branding to yours.

Brand name disputes usually take one of three forms:

  • Disputes in relation to registered trademarks
  • Disputes relating to unregistered trademarks
  • Cybersquatting and domain name disputes


How can we help you

We are well placed to assist you to resolve any brand name dispute, drawing on our extensive experience to achieve the best outcome for you. Whether or not the brand name is a registered trademark, and no matter how strong or weak your position may be, there are a number of ways in which using experienced trademark lawyers will help you reach the best possible outcome. If you need to rebrand, we can help you find an alternative name and avoid the same problem reoccurring in future.

Court procedures can be complex, lengthy and expensive and we will work with you to avoid them wherever possible. At Tidman Legal we always look at each dispute in an individual way, and focus on how best to help our clients solve the particular issues that have arisen in a cost effective way that meets their individual and business needs.

If you are facing a dispute or would like to find out more about our services, contact us to arrange an initial free chat or consultation to discuss the most effective strategy for you.

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