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Licensing intellectual property (IP) enables you to retain ownership of your IP whilst permitting others to make some use of it. For example, reproduce an artwork, manufacture a product or authorise use of your patent.

The nature of the licensing agreement depends on the IP you intend to license. Is it use of a brand, technology, content, designs, or something else? Licensing depends on having the necessary intellectual property rights in the first place, so first make sure that you own these.


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Licensing can be an excellent way to introduce a new revenue stream to your business, and arises commonly in the following situations:

  • Where a business wants to enable others to make use of technology
  • Sponsorship whereby sponsors allow you to use their brand during promotions
  • Where computer software is ‘sold’ to consumers – in reality a licence is granted to use the software
  • Endorsement or product placement
  • Merchandising – common in the entertainment industry
  • Franchising – when a business franchises its structure

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