Sponsorship Agreements

Sponsorship is an increasingly popular form of ‘below the line’ advertising. It can be an effective promotional tool for the sponsor and provide essential funding for a project, but balancing the interests of both parties gives rise to many legal pitfalls.

What’s in it for the sponsor?

The main attraction for any sponsor is the opportunity to raise its corporate image or brand profile and enhance its reputation by association with the sponsorship target through a comparatively inexpensive form of media exposure.

What’s in it for the brand owner?

From the perspective of the brand owner, sponsorship is usually viewed as a means of raising finance to support the sponsorship target and, typically where a representative body or sports authority is concerned, may even present an opportunity for the brand owner to bind its members to present the united front it may not otherwise have had.


How can we help you

Whether you are a sponsor or a brand owner, it is important to enter into a written agreement that clearly sets out the nature of the relationship and the rights and obligations of each party.

We have extensive experience dealing with sponsorship agreements and will ensure:

  • Rights to use intellectual property in the course of a sponsorship is carefully considered and serves your interests
  • Protection against loss of IP rights or reputational damage
  • Advertising regulations are taken into account
  • Exclusivity of the sponsorship
  • Protection against loss of a venue, endorsement or celebrity and conflicting arrangements with competitors

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