8 Reasons You Need Registered Designs

registered designs

Whether your business creates bespoke jewellery, cutting-edge technology, or the latest fashion, registered designs must not be overlooked as part of your intangible business assets.

Here are just 8 reasons why registered designs need to be in your intellectual property armoury:

  1. Registered designs protect the shape and appearance of products, which is particularly important with the increasing use of 3D printing.
  2. The UK registered design system is a member of an international system. This means that protection for your design in the UK can be extended overseas to other countries in which your business operates.
  3. Renewable every 5 years, they are increasingly being used successfully in the fashion industry where trends have a short lifespan.
  4. Often registered designs complement trade marks by protecting distinctive product shapes and packaging, but also business logos. However, they also bridge a gap in protection. Copyright is generally not available for most objects and the protection of these objects by trade marks can require evidence that such product features are distinctive.
  5. Registered designs are a comparatively low-cost form of legal protection compared to patents covering inventions.
  6. The phone wars between Apple and Samsung have highlighted that they can be an effective form of protection against competitors.
  7. The more novel a design, the stronger its appeal. Accordingly, design protection is critical for successful commercialisation.
  8. A registered design protects the appearance and shape of the whole or features of a product (for example, a designer handbag or mobile phone) or packaging for up to 25 years.

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